Visit from Team Vulca

Nicolas and Alex are activists from France who want to promote Makers’ Mobility on a European level. Last night they paid us a visit.

On Friday November 9th 2018, we had two amazing guests at our space. Nicolas and Alex are two former Erasmus students and are since very fond of the idea of exchange with other countries. They have visited over 250 Hackerspaces, Makerspaces, Fablabs and Biolabs in 28 European countries since the start of their idea in 2013. This way, they formed a really big network of initivates who are interested in participating in an exchange programme for makers. This could be for example a student from Portugal going to Iceland to hack on a specific project for a couple of weeks. Also for retirees or people on a sabbatical this would be a very interesting idea to think outside the box. In the long run, they want to turn their vision into an official service of the European Union backed by politicians and empirical research.

We are very proud to be able to participate in Team Vulca as they are really professionally living our SpaceExchange dream.



Alex (left) and Nicolas (right) together with Schaffenburg members



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